Here are our live shows and times.


Here are some of Our Shows and Mixes to check out. Enjoy the music.


Here are some of Our Live Mix Shows.


Welcome to the Music Module. We will play some great music hits for you and also some great mixes. A Auto Playlist will play every week day from 8am to 3pm cst and at night. We will have regular shows that will play here every week. Once we add more Djs and hosts they will be listed below. If you like our music and shows like and follow us and tell a friend. Thanks for viewing our channel. Enjoy the music.

Our Weekly Shows:


7pm to 10pm - Sunday Night House Sessions with Dj T Rock C and Dj Smooth Geno Brown - Live from Chicago Ill, USA

10pm to 7am - Dr Demento Songs and Comedy Auto Playlist


11am to 1pm cst - Dj Azreal1 - Live from Northwest Indiana, USA

1pm to 3pm cst - The Gary Hynes Show - Live from the UK


3pm to 10pm cst - Friday Free For All - Live from Northwest Indiana, USA


9am to 12pm cst - Video Jukebox

12pm to 2pm cst - Saturday Night Out with Kevin Sykes - From the UK